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Our Solutions

Built upon the latest research on behavior change, PMF Health's programming is designed to reach all of your employees. We have something for everyone.

Social Hub

We believe that understanding the social dynamics of health is critical to successfully promoting wellness. Our hub brings people together for peer support, social motivation, and accountability.

Health Risk Assessment

HRA is one of the essential building blocks of a comprehensive wellness program. The questions are derived from reviewing years of research on lifestyle modifiable illnesses and potential risks that individuals may be exposed to through their environment.

Biometric Screening

We offer both onsite and offsite screening to every zip code in the country through a partnership with leading screening vendors. Integrated data feeds pre-populate biometric values right into the HRA to generate a comprehensive report and actionable goals.

Device and App Integration

We integrate with all the major fitness devices and apps to make it easier for participants to participate in the challenges, get advice from a health coach, and earning rewards for active engagement in their health.

Tracker and Challenges

We provide tools for the participants to track their health, physical activity and nutrition. Our team challenges focusing on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle balance and run as team competitions.


Our interactive multimedia coaching courses are designed to create permanent behavioral transformation using an evidence-based process known as Structural Cognitive Behavioral Training.


Our best-in-class rewards engine uses behavioral economics and social mechanics to promote long-term, health behavior change. We offer fully customizable rewards engine with real-time fulfillment options.


We create branded communication for your company's programs with customizable and visually appealing campaign materials.


Our reporting dashboard provides meaningful statistics on enrollment, engagement and outcomes.

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